Viết bài luận tiếng anh: chủ đề du lịch

Bài luận tiếng anh dưới đây với câu chuyện khá thú vị, chính là du lịch, của bạn và người thân hãy cùng đọc và dịch để biết cách viết văn của người anh theo yêu cầu nhé

Viết bài luận tiếng anh: câu chuyện du lịch

A picnic I enjoyed

The outline:

1. When? Where?
2. Who went along?
3. How much I enjoyed
4. The end

One day, a few of my friends and I went on a picnic to Minyak Beku, a small interesting place on the coast of Malaya.

Minyak Beku is about five miles from Batu Pahat, a well known town in the state of Johore in Malaya. There is a small ancient fort at the entrance to Minyak Beku. The beach at Minyak Beku is beautiful, and there is an iron mine near by.

We arrived at that place in the morning. After getting out of the bus, we separated into different groups and looked for shady places to spend the day.

Soon, most of us went swimming. While in the water, we were playing a few interesting games. Those who were on the beach were playing other games. Some of them even sang songs and danced. There were still others who were interested in nothing, except picking shells.

In short, everyone enjoyed the trip. In the evening, we returned home in our bus, thinking of the fun we had had at that place. I enjoyed the trip so much.

Theo Hoctienganh

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